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Orphan Care Organization (OCO) was given birth by the founders who having personally experienced a death of a mother leaving 2 minor children during the coldest month of January. In such a hopeless situation, there was no one among the relatives willing to accept these poor children, boy and girl. The worst happened because the father had married another cruel lady. The young friends were not in position to do anything but were angry with the injustice being done to the helpless and most vulnerable children. This experience became glaringly alive when their own families went through the same crises.

This worst inhuman behavior changed the purpose of their life: Living life and making lives of the deserted ones meaningful through Formation & Transformation the focus of OCO.  

So all the basic prerequisites were met during 2005. But the efforts of “Freedom From/For” years to date are the following for your participation and facilitation.

    Facts and Figure of Pakistan

             • Population: 182 million

             • Government: Federal Public

             • Religions: Muslim 97%, Hindu, Christian and Other 3%

             • Life Expectancy: 63 years

             •  Deaths Before Age 5: 10%

             • Access to Safe Water: 90%

             •  Access to Sanitation: 62%

             • School Enrollment: Boys 84%, Girls 62%

             • GNI Per Capita: $470

             • Livelihoods: Agriculture 42%, Industry 20%, Services 38%