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1. Rabia’s 2 years witness in her own words:  What I did not like was my mother had to make bricks from early morning till night. She was left with no time to give to me I needed most! I had to go around begging for lunch whereas at ABBA HOME I am provided fresh food 3 times daily.  “I was not interested in studying, now I have developed loving interest and improving from Nursery to class 3. Now I can read in Urdu! I used to live in brick kiln cottages now in cemented one with all basic facilities and loving care. Therefore, I am extremely happy with life at ABBA HOME


2. Smithia joined Abba Home at the age of 4. She had to come because none of the divorced parents were willing to take the responsibility. Now after 6 years of education and formation of the girl who was not wanted by their very own ones who had brought her into this world but have denied her most basic human rights in general but child rights, in particular. Whereas at Abba Home she was ensured not only her human rights but the safety and security of her personhood and brighter future by providing her shelter, food, academic and skills she needed becoming worthy of Dignity.