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The orphan girls are living a prosperous life utilizing their potentials, overcoming violence and contributing their best to the development of family, community and civil society.


To empower oppressed, depressed and deprived orphan girls


            •  Providing support for nutrition, education accommodation for their better future.
            •  Conducting awareness raising seminars, workshops and trainings.
            •  Providing counseling for freeing themselves from their mind set becoming good citizen.
            •  Developing potential they becoming independent and productive members of civil society.
            •  Constructing new orphanage House to provide good environment

Partners and Fund Raising Campaigns

        Star Fish Asia, UK, Children Fund, USA, WWF Pakistan, SOS Village Pakistan, USAID, Barnabas Fund, Child Rights Moment OM Pakistan and Sparc.
            •     Money box
            •     Calendars’ sale
            •     Orphan Sunday
            •     Kids help kids
            •     Lottery Tickets’ sale
            •     Lent days’ money box
            •     Christmas carol
            •     Handy craft sale
            •     Tithe
            •     Daily one rupee members
            •     Conducting Events
            •     Regular philanthropists
            •     Meals’ providers