Abba Home Is providing home with all the basic following facilities needed for any girl growing with sound physical & mental health:

Home: Boarding & lodging, bedding, toys, hair pins, jewelries, oils, hair bands, soap & shampoo, brushes, tooth brush, tooth paste, shoe polish, socks, safety pins, hair comb & brush and lotion

Food: Three times a day food is provided consisting of vegetables, rice, rotis/paraths, fruits, eggs, meat, sweet dish, tea, milk, porridge 

Clothing: Two pairs of suits for Winter & Summer, full sleeve sweaters, white high neck sweaters, full sleeve blue sweaters, blue caps, caps socks, Two school uniforms, color socks, white socks , black shoes, sleepers, gloves, shawls, undergarments,    

Medicine: All are provided both preventive & curative facilities with ongoing multi vitamins, dettol, cotton wool, antiseptic swabs, bandges (all type), saline, tweezers, eye wash cups, aloe Vera gel, insect repellent, cotton blankets.

Education: There are education facilities at Abba Home in the premises & outside the premises and for the slow learners

Spiritual:  Faith in one God is strengthened by stressing the spiritual dimensions learnt through scriptural studies & reflections

Recreational Facilities: Watching Television, indoor games, school visits, two exposure visits annually, moral & ethnic education, music & sports, painting, cooking, art & craft classes, taking part in children rallies & English learning event celebrating national, international days & religious festivals

Establishment in life after completion of Education

You the generous ones are approaching for your facilitation in one or many of above stated 7 needs in kind/cash