The purpose of having own education system for girls is stressing both formational & transformational aspects with focal attention to the brighter present & future in their specific oppressive, depressive & depriving past

1.Academic Education : Primary to high levels of education with all required books , note books, pencil box, pencil, sharpener, eraser, ink pens, color pencils, geometry sets, school bags, colors, School bags, exercise book ,pencils, pens, color, crayons, rulers, paints and paint brushes, sticky tape, scissors, calculators, simple children’s book in English.

Children are facilitated in speech, acting, drama, tableau performances

Children are also provided special coaching facilities

2. Technical Education:  Stitching, Art & Craft, Music, sports, cooking & Computer  

You most interested in education promotion are approached with trust for you generous input in guaranteeing it’s achievement becoming property of deserving ones, too!